Sunday, February 18, 2007

They Rock!

The new intro for the anime BLEACH, Rolling Star by Yui totally rocks! I guess this rockish song fits the feel of the anime like a glove. She also sang an outro for Bleach as well, entitled Life. It's slow and mellow, it was an okay ending for the anime.

While watching her video clip, i did some research about her - she's as old as my brother Ernest! Can't believe she'll be 20 this year! For more info about this young singer/songwriter/actress, click HERE.

Well, she may have a wide mouth, and she sings as though she's in pain, but it's the singing that counts!

Here's the shorter version, used for the OP the anime Bleach. Subtitles included. Mind the language though.

This is one song currently stuck in my head now, besides The Fray's How to Save A Live and Casting Crowns' Who Am I and several others.

*Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all blog readers celebrating this festive occasion of family reunion, exchanging of cash prosperity and fortune. May the Year of the Pig Boar bring happyness, good wealth and health!

Love & Peace!~


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