Friday, March 02, 2007

Start Off Right

"...Everyday, Lord, I'll
Learn to stand upon Your word
And I pray that I
That I might come to know You more
That You would guide me with every single step I take, that
Everyday I can
Be Your light unto the world

Everyday, it's You I live for
Everyday, I'll follow after You
Everyday, I'll walk with You, my Lord...."

Excerpt from Hillsong United's Everyday

Yiks! As you entering into the month of March, have you ever wondered what you have been doing for the past two months since the beginning of the year?

I'm caught off guard, shaken back into reality as March slipped in as dawn came about. I thought to myself,

"Time does fly by fast. What have i been doing all these while?"

Putting that gloomy piece of information aside, the devotion material i did yesterday morning caught my attention. Taken from Our Journey (Mar-May 2007), the devotion basically talk about how we should start our day right, by putting everything in your live into God's hand, approaching God freshly every day to gain His heart and His perspective on what is before us.

Here are somethings the writter, Crawford W. Loritts, suggested in approaching God daily:

1. Begin the day by pouring out your heart and concerns to God.

2. Acknowledge that He's in charge, and that everything of eternal significance will come only through Him.

3. Decide not to stand in His Way.... Eagerly watch.

Besides a hearty breakfast, the bright golden sun and birds chripping by the window, i don't think there's any other more beautiful way to start a great day than praising and worship God! That's why every day is a present from Him to us - and it's call the present.

I wouldn't have it any other way. All glory to Him!

"1 Give ear to my words, O Lord; consider my groaning. 2 Give attention to the sound of my cry, my King and My God, for to you do i pray. 3 O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning i prepare a sacrifice for you and watch."

Psalm 5:1-3

Love & Peace!~



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