Monday, February 12, 2007

So Sad?

Pokemon #44, Gloom - As downcast as he looks, he's just sleepy. Someone get him some tissue!

Earlier today, i bumped into Jun and Zikang sitting by the back stairway - shocked that there are people sitting around such areas revising. (Worry not, nothing indecent happened. Thank goodness!)

As i make my way down, Jun asked why my recent entries sounds depressing, and if i was going some kind of problem.

I told her, yes, i had been through some problems a few days back. But i'm currently doing okay.
As i was walking down, i blurred out that without problems and conflict, life would be boring. Zikang, as a phychology undergraduate, jokingly replied that he wouldn't have any job if the world was problem free (in which, he made sense).

Before i exited, i told them,

"The issue is not whether or not you're facing any problem or not. Rather, how you overcome the problem that really matters."

As i closed the door behind me, i started to wonder on what others think about me. Am i a cheerful person with clouds of problems, or a trouble person putting on a smile to carry on. That thought let me to this question - am i wearing a mask to hide who i really am? Or does the mask really represents who i am.

No doubt, we wear a different kind of mask in every different situation. A smile during the happy times, a frown and tear during times of troubles or a furious, Hulk-like face when angered. Every circumstances calls for a different role, and we subdue to it to blend in.

But one thing is clear - no matter whether i'm happy or sad, i must always remember to summit myself to God. Knowing that things both good and bad happens for a reason; a purpose that human mind can't comprehend.

A scene from Kubo Tite's manga, Bleach. Here, Shinji Hirako enlightens Ichigo about the existance of the Vizards.

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

Yes, all things are possible if i put my everything in doing something and trusting God and His promises every single day of my life. There's hope and life in doing so.

Jun, thanks for being concerned about me, but i'm pulling through and i'm well. Happy i am, and gloomy i am not.

Never can i get over Gloomy, the gore-loving, violent teddy bear. Bloody!

Love & Peace!~


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