Friday, February 03, 2006

The Rojak Series #10

After almost a week of holiday, makan and ang pow collecting, i'm now here in my campus internet lab, surfing the net. Man, have i not gone online for awhile! Anyway, here's a TRS:

1. Gong Xi Fa Cai

Yes, here comes the year of the Dog! And do go around visiting friends, eat, be merry and collect ang pows (or if you are married, give them out) with a smile! But the most important thing about the Lunar New Year is your relationship with your family and friends.

But then again, remember those ang pows wherever you go, ok?!

Stitch, from Lilo & Stitch. And to celebrate the Year of The Dog, i think he makes the best mascot. After all, he IS a dog, right?

2. Stolen.

That's what happened to both Oliver's and Rowen's shoes. No one would have expected that while we were at Sui Li's place, enjoying lunch and having a few laughs. Plus, the doors are open. We believe it was an inside job, since the thief was daring enough to get the shoes while the house door was open. And the irony of the situation was the security in the apartment was increased recently with the installment of the gate.

My shoes weren't stolen because mine were torn and really old. Do keep them, they keep memories. And they don't easily get stolen!

I pity Rowen for his good pair of sneakers. I pity Oliver even more since it's his second one stolen. Get the black one, Oliver!

3. Bleach rocks!

ON Wednesday, Justin watched 24 Season 1, while i was watching BLEACH on his laptop at my house. Earlier that day, we had lunch with Kevan and Sher-Mayne, and later stopped at Sher's house to play with Summer. No ang pows this time since her parents weren't around, ha ha.

Anyway, BLEACH is indeed a good manga, but it's a better anime lah. That i have to admit. Now, i wanna watch more of it! I'm an otaku, and i'm now hooked to BLEACH!

And must get COWBOY BEBOP and SAMURAI 7.

4. Work and more work.

Initially, we're suppose to be back for classes yesterday. However, my classmates managed to pull it off by pushing all the classes aside, thus we only need to be back on next Monday. But once we get back from this holiday, there's no more lingering around. I have to shift to higher gear in my studies and assignments.

Goodbye slackiness, hello hardwork!

Love & Peace!~



oliver said...

i decided not to get anymore of those shoes. however i got a shoes that can be used as a weapon if i encounter any shoe thiefs.......

BlurChu? said...


The same pair of sneakers i have, you trend-follower! HAHAHA!~