Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bad Day? No really...

IF you've read the past entry, you would have guessed that i slept quite early two nights ago.

Apparently, i had a ripple effect on my day! Waking up late caused Joanne to be transport-less to campus, my brother not waking me up for lunch, and the lecture going on without me. Oh, speaking of which, the faculty dean took over and taught the lecture group Comm Research Method, as my classmates told me. And she knows who i am!

Boy, i hope she didn't ask the lecture group,

"Eh, where's that dude with long hair, ah? I thought he belonged to this class what?!"

Or something along those lines lah.

And after coming to campus in the afternoon, i manage to discuss with my group member regarding our Comm Theories assignment (which ended in disaster as today, everyone expect me didn't look for any info yet!).

What was more disasterable was the fact my water bottle is now missing. Perhaps i left it on my car roof and drove off. *sigh*

Today, it's sunny, and it seems like a good day today. And i'm going for lunch now, waiting for the next lecture class at 5.

Love & Peace!~


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