Friday, January 27, 2006

Ponder a moment.

As i'm typing this entry, once again i'm clueless of what title should i put in.
As i'm typing this entry, i'm listening to Christian rock tunes on and waiting for my class to start.
As i'm typing this blog, i have already watched MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA last night with Joanne Lee and Alex, handed in my proposal, and the tripmeter in the car is working again.
As i'm typing this blog, i'm reminded to meet up with Dr Prudence with Dewgem later, and catch a IMax movie with Mei after that.

I'm contented.

Wanted to write an entry about the CF meeting and Inter-faculty meeting on Wednesday, but my class will be starting soon. Looks like i have to leave it for another time lah. Hopefully, i can get it done by tonight.

And the Lunar New Year is coming. With the amount of vacant computers in the Internet lab, i guess many have started going back to their hometown. Looks like KL is going to be quiet for awhile.


Love & Peace!~


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oliver said...

thank God less people around KL that means no traffic jams and lots of free parking spaces (especially around Ampang Point and the church area.......always hard to find parking when got music practice.....sigh.)