Saturday, February 11, 2006

Don't you get it?

Imagine yourself in this situation. You're walking in mall with your friends, after lunch. While talking and joking as you window shop, suddenly, this gut just comes up in front of you with a big smile. His hands are lifted to your face, and his holding a few sheets of papers and a pen. He would want you to fill in a survey. Whether it's for the improvement of the company or a college assignment, a survey doesn't differ from another. It still contains a series of question to fulfill the objective(s) of the researcher.

While filling in a survey might be a tedious job, getting volunteers to fill it in is tough. Constructing a survey is way more crummier and frustrating compare to the other two tasks. Learnt it through the hard way in while doing my English class assignment last semester.

Not to long ago, my friend gave me this badly created survey that his friend made for me to fill. When i looked at it, i felt reluctant to fill it in. But since it was sort of urgent, i filled it in. I tried to be as frank as possible, and not be sarcastic. At least i tried.

This is part of the survey. The answers in pink are the ones editted, while the ones in green are the answers i penned down. Alex, laugh your heart out:

1. Do you carry condoms?

2. Do you carry it at all times?
which part of "NO" do you not understand?!

3. Do your parents know about it and do you think that it's accepted?
I don't carry one, so i wouldn't know. But my parents might accept it if i do. Maybe lah

4. Why do you carry condoms?

Again... did you read the answers i gave above?! I don't. But if i do, it'll be as a spare water bottle. Do you know that a single condom can store up to 2 litres of water?

Probably the fellow who created this survey isn't from UTAR, or haven't been to Ms Joanna's class.

Love & Peace!~


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grace said...

kahkahkah!!!! That's quite direct...