Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hectic Running and Oranges.

There are too many things to keep up with, that i sometime pass through some task without getting them done. I keep forgetting to post this.

It's regarding the CF meeting we had last week, 8th February, Ang Pau Hunt (I'd say Pow, not Pau... but since it's in the poster, i can't do much but to abide with it.) Anyway, i was put in-charge of it.

On the weekend before the event, i contacted other CF members to help me get things done. Called Simon to get the posters designed, Joshua Wong to help worship lead and be one of the game station masters, and Phebe for guidience and advice.

Apparently, everything almost went well, till it came to the proposal to the Department of Student Affair. To the dreadful story short, we manage to keep the meeting going, without the budget. That's where i sacrificed a little for the prizes and props. But hey, small stuff!

Anyway, on that day itself, by God's grace, things went as His plan, although there were bumps here and there. The four teams were suppose to go around the campus to find the mobile game stations and play the games. One thing i can say was IT WAS FUN SEEING THEM RUNNING AROUND AIMLESSLY! And seeing the teams doing all the instructions written on the paper said was plain hilarious! In another game, they frantically had to find items, like GREEN SOCKS and PINK TISSUE PAPER. Tough, but they managed to follow through.

At the end, they created families out of oranges. One of the funnies statements was made by Edmund. When the other CF members saw juice coming one from one of the oranges, he said, "Period."


IN the end, Group 1 won the overall event, and i must say, this is the first time i enjoyed organising something without actually playing the games!

I feel thristy and i need to rush for the tonight's Talent Night. Wish i could go for the Valentine's Day event held by Sg Long CF. Hmm... perhaps a glass of orange juice to quench my thrist.

Love & Peace!~


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