Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CF meetings on the 25th of Jan.

Tomorrow, the CF here in PJ Campus will be having our Ang Pau Hunt. The proposal was messy and last minute, but we manage to get it through. All i need to do now is to make sure the games are prepared, people are informed, prizes bought and everything else be prayed for.

Anyway, i was supposed to post in this blog of mine the entry regarding the CF meeting two weeks ago. And me penning this down now means i had little time to go online, had too much time out with people through the first week of Chinese New Year. I don't need to tell you this, but i will; having no Internet access at home sucks!

Anyway, 25th of Jan was sort of special, since not only did had a normal CF meeting in PJ, but there was an Inter-faculty meeting in Sg Long as well. The interesting part about Sg Long is not that they have this meeting from 8 pm to 10 pm, but the fact that students there still attend classes up to that time, up to 9 pm even! Good grief! And i thought my time table was awkward.

Anyway, we PJ Campus CF had Bible Study. It was great to see almost 30 members turning up for this event. Led by Roxanne, the Bible Study touched about why is it so important to be rooted in The Word. She also shared about the significant of the Bible to us, and the power it holds. Interesting what that big book of truth has for us. All you just have to do is flip the pages, read, and be blessed! (I wish i could write more, but i left my notes at home. *sigh*)

In the evening, we headed down to Sg Long. With the added traffic in PJ and the rain along the highway to Sg Long, we got there by 6. And in the midst of the rain is when i realised the front tyre of the car is really wore off and should be replaced ASAP. Thank goodness the car only jiggled a little, as i carried in my hand the lives of Daniel Sim, Amelia and Amy through the storm.

And now about the Interfaculty meeting: upon safely arriving Sg Long earlier that expected, we spent time miggling among one another and chatting. We joked, played like little kids and i got myself tired out before the event official started.

The event schedule was like the other Interfaculty event; ice-breaker, praise and worship session and team building activity. But this time, there was a twist. Before the team building activity began, Angel shared about unity and trust among CF members. She shared, saying that we do not live alone, but together as a body of Christ. And unity is important because sharing is caring for one another. Besides, everyone is important, for we can't function properly when another's down, right?

The reason why she shared was because she felt that Interfaculty meeting should not only be about fun and fellowship, but sharing the Word and testifying about God's greatness as well. Now, that's what i call substance!

And the team-building activity was great. Divided into four groups, each group was suppose to present an ad for the item the group leaders picked. I got a mug, and was thinking i had one of the worst products to advertise, till i heard the other three groups got toilet paper, toilet bowl and "Poh Chai Lin" pills as their product.

Each group performed spectacularly and i really laughed till my sides hurt. But in the end, our group won by majority vote count! YEAH!~ We promoted the mug to others, telling them that there's living water in it and it shall not run dry. Plus, it's free, as salvation and the Love of Christ is! Bad for business revenue, but good for the soul.

Thinking of how the meeting was now, i'm smiling. The next time the PJ Campus host the Interfaculty meeting, we should make it meaningful by adding substance into it. I'll try my best for that. I'll try my best for tomorrow's gathering.

Love & Peace!~


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