Monday, February 20, 2006


After sending The R.Age article to the editor, i'm currently in a daze; blurry. Not only is the time but the booming noise from CS dudes in this Cyber Cafe is affecting my alertness. I really want to sleep.

Oh, finally, i've got a computer at home! But i'm still disconnected from the Internet. I'm still pending. I'm too sleepy to be awake.

ubaouvcboabvbouvbqaoeofvanbvoibviouabsvuio... i'm gibbrishing rubbish. RUBBISH!

I wanna sleep.

Love & Peace!~


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yee huey said...

d kitties r soooooooooo cute!!!! next time when i hav my own place, will hav 1 kitty and 1 puppy! :-)