Monday, February 13, 2006

The day that was Yesterday.

If i had Internet at home, it would be "The day it was today." But then again, you're not here to hear me brag about it, so let's just get on with the entry.

As most of you know, yesterday was Chap Goh Mei. It's the day celebrated to mark the Lunar New Year which is celebrated for the span of 15 days. Basically, it's the last day to go visit your friends and relatives and get Ang Pows, or you'll have to wait for another 360 miserable days or so to get the next one.

In addition to that, people will throw oranges into rivers or ponds, in hopes that they'll get a girlfriend/boyfriend in the new year. The way i see it, i think that's just orange-fy the whole river, providing the fishes an drinking alternative besides the crumpy, plain muddy water. I find throwing oranges into the river/lake a superstition. Probably here's the real reason of this ritual:

"Poor beggars have nothing to eat. Rich people receive to many oranges during Chinese New Year, despite giving them off as gifts to family and friends. Girls throw oranges into sea, beggars collect them and have a jolly good time."

A tangy ending. For more info about it, click HERE.

But that wasn't the highlight of yesterday. For us Revivalites of Revival Centre, KL, it saddens us that Pastor Daniel left us. Nope, he didn't kick the bucket yet. After serving here as the Music Director and Associate Pastor, Pastor Daniel Loh will be leading Canaan Church in Sri Hartamas. He has left Revival Centre with his wife, Sis Karen, and yesterday, he preached his last sermon in church. Boy, will the church music team really miss him.

Pastor Daniel (left) and his wife, Sis Karen. Photo taken from Yee Huey's blog.

We'll miss his jokes and laughter among the youths and other church members.
We'll miss his enthusiasm and positive attitude in the minitries and task he does.
We'll miss his leadership and friendliness towards us.

The whole church is missing him already. But i guess we'll have to let him go. But if he does need a bassist, i'll be there in an instant!


Oh, and i was the top scorer in the Defence of the Ancient (DotA) game with the church youths yesterday! Little did i know till yesterday that Kardel Sharpeye, the Dwarven Sniper is THAT good! Justin, Kevan and Alvin, eat your hearts out!

I'm no NOOB!

I feel like eating Mandarin oranges.

Love & Peace!~


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