Friday, July 01, 2005

you can get this at a bookstore near you.

Death Note

interesting what you can get in a store nowadays. and this is what Rowen and i got from the bookstore yesterday: a Death Note.

what does it do? well, basically, write someone's name in it, and he/she will die. to spice it up, you can state down the method of he/she dies, when and where, and what he/she will do moments before death, provided whatever is written is sensible and you know the name and face of the person you want to kick the bucket.

based on the manga of the same name, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, it's basically about Light Yagami is a young but bright high school student who has until recently led a boring and uneventful life. That changed very quickly when he found a strange notebook with the title "Death Note" lying on the ground one day. It wasn't until later that he realized that this "Death Note" was the tool of a shinigami (god of death in Japanese) from another world named Ryuk, and that it had the power to kill whoever's name was written on its pages, so long as the writer knew the victim's face as well. Light realises his ability to kill whomever he wishes, and he uses it to begin a "cleansing" of the world from evil. It does not take the police long to realise that somebody is responsible for the mysterious deaths of criminals, and he is then soon hunted by the Japanese police force and a mysterious detective known as "L".

to know more about this anime, do check it out HERE (i quoted the info from there!) do be warned about the spoilers in it.

oh, where do you get a Death Note to rid of the people you hate? get a copy of KREKO KOMIK REMAJA issue #157 from a bookstore near you. the Death Note comes with that. and i'm still waiting for shinigami to come by and explain more about how to use that book.

oh, let me write my name in it, to identify it's my Death Note!

the manga, Death Note.

Love & Peace!~


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