Monday, July 04, 2005

The Rojak Series #7

as i'm typing this TRS, i wonder where i last wrote one, cause it's been awhile since i wrote one. but nonetheless, here's one:

item no. 1

i should remind myself not to buy the newspaper on weekdays! i'm currently one of those students subcribing The Star newspaper via the university at a cheaper rate! it would make me a fool to actually buy a copy, and then collecting it from the library.

the sad thing is that i collected today's and Friday's copy from the library this morning. the sadder thing is that i'm actually bringing home ont only two The Star newspaper, but also a copy of The Sun and Malaysian Today. the saddest thing is that i'm a fool.


item no.2

i've finally watched THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY! and it's good! well, with the silly humor and sad depressing robot, nothing can beat the nonsensical logic of the president of the galaxy! and you wouldn't find anyone more depressing (and probably sarcastic) as Mervin, the robot with Genuine People Personality (GPP).

do remember to bring a towel wherever you go! it may save your life from the Vogon. and do remember to bring along The Hitchiker's Guide to The Galaxy on your way.

as Marvin, the robot with GPP points out: DON'T PANIC!

item no.3

a list of movies i would like to watch:

1.War of the Worlds
2.Mr & Mrs Smith
3.Batman Begins
4.Fantastic Four
5.Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

might consider watching Initial D, if i can get cheap tickets and a good company for it. boy, do i have stuff to do before watching any of these movie. i'm thinking of watching them in MBO, this new cineplex in Ampang. it's new and clean!

item no.4

it seems like there's something brewing in the committee (i would not like to elaborate it to respcet the committee members.) i wonder if we're moving in the same direction or not?

i wonder. i pray.

item no.5

*this is being typed as i'm at home, after typing the first few items.

on the way home, i took the bus to KL, and you all know how fond i am of the bus. i had to stand on the way, carrying my bag and a buddle of newspaper on my right hand. what caught my attention was that this old lady sitting beside me, took the newspaper and placed it on her lap. i was grateful as she help me ligthen my burden. i wonder how many of us would offer to hols something for a stranger?

i've experience this once, while i was still staying in Millenium Court with Fam, and there was this lady who offered to carry some groceries we got from Carrefour in Mid-Valley Megamall in the bus.

i'm touched.

item no.6

i've got to study now, as i have a midterm test this Wednesday, and three next week! *argh*

Love & Peace!~



natz said...

Hitchhiker's Guide! Wheee.. that was super fun :) Buahahaha... poor Marvin.

Hmm.. I'd like to watch those movies too... tell me if you're going ya! Or if you have the VCDs ;)


BlurChu? said...

well, i might be going for one tomorrow at MBO, in Ampang... not sure for which movie yet.

but i don't think i'll get any VCDs... DVDs maybe lah!