Monday, July 18, 2005

i'm Spider-man, no more!

don't feel like blogging nowadays. i'm now being bogged down by many issues. and it's a huge problem.

you know, when you have small, minor stuff that just don't go your way, it isn't a big deal? but if you have a few, unrelated minor issues that clump together, it irritates you. i'm facing THAT problem now.

anyway, i wouldn't be posting up entries that often for awhile. i've told people before that i wouldn't blog when i'm angry, depressed, or anything in between. besides, almost nobody read this blog. even if i criticise my friends or classmates here, they wouldn't even know about it. probably they would just sneeze as it type out bad stuff about it.

but i'll be putting up pictures lah. and they say, a picture is worth a thousand words?

by the way, i'm not Spider-man. *argh* Peter Parker has issues. i have issues.

Love & Peace!~



L@iSeng said...

Great power lies great responsibilities
hmm... the picture dont worth a thousand words, all i can tell from the spiderman picture is that 4 words, bad guy and good guy.

Small problem need small measures of effort to solve it. So delt with it one by one. You'll get through with it and by the time u got through you dont even know it.

BlurChu? said...


"with great power comes great responsiblity."

yeah, that's so true! i totally agree with that.

yeah. i guess God and time can help me out with this.


oliver said...

finally you also are lazy.........hmmmmmm

MĠN said...

Hey!! I'M still reading! Just that I don't really bother to leave comments lar.. I currently have "selfish" issues. You're not alone. =D

Anonymous said...

hey man... im still reading ur blog as well..photoblogs are kinda kewl once u get tired of writing..well continue maintaining the site yea...ill be back.. im sure ull get through ur problems, persevere and push on.

basically and simplistically,

efferstine said...

Joanne Liyeng reads your blog. And to be boggled down by issues, that only makes you human. Fret not. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Make that yours too. :)

Daniel Ding said...

hahaha... we all have issues man.... so u're not alone ;) rest assured He will nvr leave us nor forsake us. (Deut 31.6) God bless!

BlurChu? said...

Oliver: i'm not lazy lah, DUNGU!~

hahaha!~ thanks, Megan. i think i shouldn't be so "selfish." you shouldn't be too!

and i'll try writing again, Alywn! and also post pictures lah.

Joanne and Daniel, thanks a lot for the boost! yeah, should depend on God for strength, comfort and everything!~

PRAISE GOD i have many friends around me!~