Sunday, July 03, 2005

is it an epidemic or conspiracy?

well, it was on the news, and still is: about a third of the total number of students in a boarding school in Manjoi were infacted with upper respiratory tract infection, causing them to suffer from fever, cough, running nose and sore throat. HERE is the latest update from The Star. and to check out the achieve for more info.

well, i've been thinking; could the undergraduate in UTAR and people i know falling sick to the same strain of virus? i mean, the symptoms are the same, and for the past two weeks, many people were caught in the way of this sickness. could it be an epidemic?

and the other thought from my grey matter was the it's a government conspiracy! well, widen your imagination, and think Mission-Impossible-Secrey-Agent-Man-on-a-mission. could it be, that a strain of new virus created by the government, and was stolen? agents were assigned to retrieve it back, but failed? some terrorist or mad scientist released it since there's no margin for terrorist negotiation?

such thought as occured when SARS and Hand-Foot-Mouth disease were a scare back then. so, could it be a conspiracy?

no matter what, just take care of your health. we need to be studying instead of sleeping at home.

hmm... i hope there isn't an outbreak that turns us into the torch-carrying living dead!

Love & Peace!~


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