Tuesday, July 26, 2005

where i am now.

This is my classmates and i posing for the camera. it was supposed to be all black theme. but since not everyone wore black, so it was Black, White and anything in between theme lah. labelling ourselves Crazy JRians, i hope i can stick to this bunch of wacky friends till i graduate. i want to stick to this group of 15 people (Yen Yen and Chin Han were not around when the picture was taken.)

and since Thillai and Malini left, JR 1 has only 15 students. our class is... small.

i need to remind myself always; i'm Bernard Cheah Hock Kwee, 05UABxxxxx, not Cheah Hock Kwee Bernard, 03UBBxxxxx anymore.

leave the past behind, look forward into the future. everyone deserves a second chance, right?

Love & Peace!~


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