Thursday, July 07, 2005

what do you think?

a picture Justin, one of my buddies, who's now in Australia, pointing at the sign of the guy's toilet. however, this entry isn't about him; it's about the toilet.

what would you do in a given situation:

you're going back home after a long day in university.
you're tired, exhausted, and hungry.
you're thinking of going back home.
you need to go to the toilet.
you really, really, REALLY NEED to go to the toilet.
you spotted a hotel on your way to the LRT station.
toilet's available in the hotel.
would you go in, and answer nature's call?
would you enter the hotel, even if you're not a guest in that hotel?
would you feel guilty doing that?

what would you do?

Love & Peace!~



efferstine said...

I'd go, I think.

Either they don't notice me, or they pass me on as a guest's guest.

As malu-fying as it can be, I think there's nothing they can do to stop you, right? :P

BlurChu? said...

well, i have to agree, Joanne!

but what happens if they have CCTV?! wouldn't it be scary if they actually watch you and counted the number of times you enter into the toilet there for a certain period of time?