Thursday, July 07, 2005

how fortunate we are.

this is the message sent by Wing Hooi to me just now:
"Remember the day when 2 planes crashed at the WTC? 3 underground trains and i bus were bombed in London. Hhhmmm... A peaceful hr in Malaysia, some chaos at other part of the world... Aren't we lucky?"

well, i believed we're really blessed to be protected by God in this country of multi-culture and race. thank God that i'm here, and not there. but i believe, all this are happening according to His plan.

just watched the news on TV, and found out that 40 people were dead and 300+ injured as a result of the bombing in London. want to check out more about the London Bombing, click HERE.

excuse me while i reply Wing Hooi's message.

"An eye for an eye, and the whole world would be blind."

Love & Peace!~


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