Thursday, June 23, 2005

pondering about drives....

yesterday was great, as after our Christian Fellowship meeting, we had the CF 3rd Birthday Bash in Sg Long. it was great to see new faces and meet up with old familiar faces once again. but what actually got me thinking was what we discussed about during CF; what drives you?

yeah, have you been asking yourself this question? what really drives you, in whatever you do. regardless whether it's your work, daily chores or any nonsensical shenanigan. could it be fear? wanting to gain recognition? fame? money? or God?

i've been asking myself this question since last night. who am i doing this for? am i gaining anything from this? and i too wonder about the future of the CF here. should i or should i not continue serving in CF? whenever i think about CF, i keep thinking of the fact that if i'm not there, the whole system would collapse. but that's just in my head, and i know it's not true. but i can't help thinking about that.

am i serving the CF for the sack of serving, or am i doing it to glorify God's name?

for now, this is on my prayer list.

"is this one for the people?
is this one for the Lord?
or should i simply serenade
for things i must afford?
you can jumble them together,
my conflict still reminds
holiness is calling
in the midst of courting fame."

excerpt from DC Talk, What If I Stumble

Love & Peace!~



sharlene said...

it's great to know that there r still people who want to serve God with purpose. it's great to know that u're one of those who'd actually wondering about who u r doing it for. juz for that fact, u're on the right track! =) juz trust God to lead u. God bless. keep the fire burning! ;)

BlurChu? said...


thanks for the encouragement, Sharlene.

yeah, i should just trust God, regardless how good or bad the situation is.

and we should keep burning for Christ! and be the light and the salt of the earth!