Monday, June 27, 2005

what we did last semester.

well, the past semester was fun for CF, despite a few disputes and mishaps, we had our CF meetings, and some events; official and not official. well, below are some of the photos from those events:

Orange Hunt: this was the event where we went running around collecting clues and solving puzzles, plus creating our own orange family! cute, eh? that's my atomic orange family.

Easter Day: all these eggies are the handiwork of the CF members. cool, eh? my eggster has my nickname and a mohawk on it!

Interfaculty Outing: held on 16th March 2005, we had the CF from Sg Long over for some catching up, prayer and FOOD!

Senior Farewell: though it was 1st of April, it was no laughing matter. the event was held for the seniors, most of the who were the pioneer batch, who proposed the CF to be established in the first place!

CF 3 years old Birthday Bash: held last week, this is among events that we have organised. held in Sg Long, it was to celebrate the 3rd year of CF. hopefully, mnay years of greatness and fun will come along CF's way. and it's held THIS semester.

well, for more photos, you guys can click HERE to check out the pictures. and we're in the middle of creating a BLOG for CF HERE!

pray that God's hand will guide us for this semester, give us a committed, outstanding and all-burning-for-Jesus committee, and a great time bonding with both Christians and pre-believers while we're still in UTAR.

Love & Peace!~


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