Thursday, June 09, 2005

back to the bus.

i sometimes take the bus to KL from PJ.
wind gets into the bus as it goes.
it's nice to have wind blowing at your face.
the cold breeze blowing on the face is nice.
but having hot air isn't.
and hot air and cold breeze mixes as the bus goes.
there should only be cold breeze.
the mixture of hot element makes me uncomfortable.
and i feel uncomfortable sitting in the bus.

Love & Peace!~



efferstine said...

eh bernard you TALK the bus? :P

BlurChu? said...

yes, sometimes i talk to the bus, if i don't take the bus!

good job, Joanne! was thinking of who could have spotted that mistake! sharp eyes you have!


efferstine said...

hahaha is that a coverline ah?