Saturday, June 04, 2005

it still hurts.

till today, my legs still hurts. guess it's because i didn't have enough rest. i hope i can get up walking properly tomorrow!

wouldn't post a lot. just want to say that HEAL THE NATION night (#2) concert was AWESOME! not only was the YA band great, but so was the hilarious Pastor Paul Goulet, and the presense of the Holy Spirit in the place. just amazing!

as we had supper last night, i told Edwin, Jeremy and John Reuben, "why is it that when one girl cries, her close girl friends also cries. and if i were to wack one of you, he will cry, and the others will just be laughing on the ground."

i'll have to get some rest now. there's church tomorrow. good night.

"if you ever had a miserable experience, then you have probably had it said that you would feel better in the morning. this, of course, is utter nonsense, because a miserable experience remains a miserable experience even on the loveliest mornings. for instance, if it were your birthday, and a wart-removal cream was the only present you have received, someone might tell you to get a good night sleep and wait until morning, but in the morning the tube of wart-removal cream would still be sitting next to your uneaten birthday cake, and you would feel as miserable as ever. my chauffeur once told me that i would feel better in the morning, but when i woke up the two of us were still in a tiny island surrounded by man-eating crocodiles, and i'm sure you can understand, i didn't feel any better about it."

excrepts from "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Miserable Mill (Book the Fourth)"

Love & Peace!~



efferstine said...

eh I thought if you whack one of them, the rest would join in and not miss out on the fun?

guys love whacking each other, right? it's like their universal language of saying 'how do you do', no?

i'm speaking like a bimbo. ignore me. wahahahahahah.

BlurChu? said...


it depends lah. i believe they are at some point civilized, but still know how to have fun; laughing at another's misery!