Thursday, June 16, 2005

the phases of me being sick.

as i'm typing this message, i'm covered with a blanket, sweating myself dry. i'm recovering from a fever.

i think it began on Monday night as a mild sore-throat after the night practice for this Friday's youth combined meeting. but as i got up the next morning, it transformed into a terrible cough. and i was coughing my way throughout the whole time in university. as i got back home, it mutated into a fever and my whole body was weak.

the next morning, i thought it was ok to go to class, only to discover in Interpersonal Comm tutorial that the sickness has mutated into a fever, weak body, sleepiness and unfocusness. i slept in class.

i had to see the doctor. i had to skip Journalism 1 tutorial class. i had to skip the final practice for the debate. i had to skip to attend the first CF meeting of the semester. *sigh*

well, after some good rest, and lots of medical insertions, i feel much better now. i guess it has devolved into a sore-throat and a cold. but the doctor said i could possibly have dengue fever! but then again, maybe not.

having a fever, it takes a terrible toll on your body. it takes 40-65% of your energy to heal and recover your body from the disaster.

now, i think i'll go and get some sleep now. the antibiotics is kicking in now.


unlike Peter Parker, i didn't feel much better after getting up the day after he got bitten by the radioactive spider. but if he had a fever, he would be feeling that good that morning, right?

Love & Peace!~



joshua_entol_85 said...

o.... so sad!!!

natz said...

have a good rest, k?

Get well soon!!

BlurChu? said...

yes, Joshua. sad thing i didn't turn into Spider-man, eh?

and thanks, Anna! me now just have sore-throat. still cautious i am.