Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Handphone-less in PJ

i did mention before that i don't really want to be too handphone-dependent in THIS ENTRY. however, the unthinkable happened yesterday; i forgot to bring it along with me to class.

i mean, i did this a few times before. but being unable to contact or be contact is a totally different matter. i couldn't call up my friend to meet up. i couldn't contact my brother to pick me up. my friends couldn't contact me. and the public phone wasn't being helpful at all!

as i got back home, i discovered that i had a miss call and 3 messages left on my phone. in a newspaper article in Monday's THE STAR paper, people are more worried about losing their handphone rather than losing his/her wallet or IC.

anyway, i realised that my handphone has been intergrated into my life. and my handphone, Nokia 2300, or as i personal call it, "Zeal-ni" has been with me for more than a year now. it was a birthday present from my dad last year. thus, it has been a year and a week plus Zeal-ni has been with me.

hmm... and as i'm typing down this entry, i'm listening to Los Lonely Boys on the radio on my handphone. oh, excuse me while i answer this call.

Zeal-ni, my faithful Nokia 2300 handphone. but she has more stuff on her than this showroom model phone!

Love & Peace!~



S@bR!nA said...

Use to b " connected" 2 my hp 2... UNTIL my MOM TOOK MY DARLING AWAY/// make use of ure hp while ya still have it!!

BlurChu? said...


i guess one would have to learn how to adapt to changing enviroment. but yet, i'll appreciate the moments i have with Zeal-ni. thanks for the tip, Sabrina!