Tuesday, June 21, 2005

STATUS: contaminated!

it isn't bad attending class sick. it isn't bad if you're not bothering the person beside you with your frantic coughing and occasional phlegm flying around. what's worse is that the fact people around you are getting sick a few days later, and it could be linked to you!

yes, i'm experiencing this. my classmates, friends and family are getting sick. and yes, i'm getting better, though the cough is still hanging around. but i'm terrified to find out many of my friends are falling sick, dropping like flies, one by one.

Soo Yee is now on medical leave due to fever. John is recovering from one. Mei might be having one, and is afraid to tell her mom. Nic was sick. my brother, Ernest, is having a bad sore-throat. and could the threshold of this catastrophe be me? or is there something sinister going about?

i'm a walking abomination.

*cough! cough!*

Love & Peace!~



joan said...

You forgot. You spread to me too.

efferstine said...

Tis the season to be sickly.

Come by my blog and you'll realize that the names mentioned in this post arent the only ones sick.