Wednesday, March 30, 2005

handphones dependency; has it taken our your life yet?

can you survive a day without your handphone?

a bet no one can.... nowadays. compared to the older generation, many years ago, having a mobile phone was a privillage. but i guess today, many people are dependent on it, to do almost everything from communicating with others via calls or text messaging to listening MP3s and snapping photos. for some, handphone is a luxury. some many, it's a need!

i look at it as a luxury. i own my first phone about 3 years ago, when i entered college. and it was important for me to contact my collegemates, as we had lots of assignments that requires us to keep in touch constantly. and it is good to know that you CAN actually contact someone when the public phone is busted. but today, school kids as young as seven years old can have the latest-colour-screened-Bluetoothed-camera-True-tone handphone at a reasonable (?) price.

but ask people like JUSTIN or OLIVER. they can tell you that handphone do not need to be a necessityin your life. i can remember at one point, where when Justin had his handphone, no one contacted him. just contradictory to what his friends told him. *sigh* i feel you, brother!

anyway, last week on LATTE @ 8 (dated 24th March 2005), Jason Lo had this guy, Selva Gunappan as a guest. he's the author of "Handphone and SMS Etiquette." i think he made a good point about the fact that handphones are becoming a nuinsance in a society today, and we need to learn ethics regarding the usage of handphone, with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

and recently, there was an article in the IN-TECH section of THE STAR newspaper (dated 29th March 2005) that states that many of us can't remember the phone numbers that we have, and rely too much on the mobile phone to store contacts. makes sense, since the numbers i can recall is my house number, Kevan's, Justin's, my dad's and my own HP number. what about you?

so, have you been too relient to your phone, yet?

Love & Peace!~



acy&baw said... least u remembered some of the phone numbers. some ppl dun even bother to memorise. well its good to memorise some of the numbers,the hp might go haywire in the wrong time and place. ;p


oliver said...

so proud that my name is this blog........anyway i think handphone is something that one can use in case of emergency.(although there are plenty of public phones around....)but the problem nowadays is that there are too many unnnecessary features in a handphone......might be useful to some but i don't see the point of it......anyway what in the world is a true tone...........

BlurChu? said...

yup, that can happen anytime. that's why i have a phonebook at home, with all the numbers i need.

and you're welcome, Oliver! you have your point well said! and True tone is really good MP3 quality ringtones on the handphone.