Saturday, April 02, 2005

of giggling girls, April Fool's and... i forgot.

31st March 2005

my group had presented our presentation of our "company's" website in Intro to Electronic Publishing, and the whole class was bringing the house (or rather the campus) down with laughters!

our group, WHATEVER COSTUME ENLIMITED, showed to the people the costumes we're have on sale. and when it came to the children section, all the girls were getting loud! i guess toddlers in Winnie the Pooh costume is cute, eh? hmm... i wonder.

Tigger costume
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Eeyore costume
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Mickey Mouse costume. all cute, right.
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1st April 2005

the international day of jokes and pranks, April Fool's Day. click
HERE to find out the origin of this day.

2nd April 2005

and... i forgot what else i wanted to blog here. i guess amnesia is another close friend of mine, besides insommia! hahaha!~

Love & Peace!~



LynX said...

"Giggling" is a rather... mild word. T'was more like screaming-at-the-top-of-lungs kinda thing.

oliver said...

i only realise it was april fools day before i went to hg............guess since i was at home the whole day i guess it didn't strike my mind.

BlurChu? said...

Lynx: hahaha!~ you make sense there, dude!

Oliver: i knew it!~ i knew you were blur, but not THAT BLUR! are you trying to compete with me for the "Blur" title, huh?