Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Rojak Series #2

here's another load of TRS.

Item no.1

my finals are coming. the 1st paper will be held less than 6 days from today. looks like i have to focus on my work, and not fool around! study, study and study... and perhaps relax once in awhile? plus, i might not be updating this blog for awhile during my exam period.

Item no.2

i've watched ROBOTS, and it's good! it's a family movie, and one that might boost your morale lah. do bring your family along to catch this movie. and TRACY lend me HITCH yesterday, and handed me the lyrics for The Hanson's latest album, Underneath. i'm still comtemplating on whether to watch it now or after exams. what say you?

and thanks, Tracy.

Item no.3

on Monday night, my family and i had dinner with my Aunt Teresa, whom i have not met for more than 15 years! it's great to see her, though i vaguely remember her. she brought along her Polish friend, Edmund. my cousin, Hock Lye and his wife, Carmen had dinner with us too. it was great. it's sort of like a family reunion dinner.

at the end of dinner, we took a group photo. it's for my cousins in Canada. i wonder how they are, and how they look like now. and i would like to contact them.

Item no. 4

i'm feeling lethargic. i know that sleeping too long or too short brings fatigueness. but it's not because of that. my body is aching, and i have no answer to this problem. you have any idea why this happened?

Item no. 5

i just watch a documentary, halfway through, on TV just now. and it talked about human memory. in a nutshell, here are some of the needed to boost your memory:

  • Stress (the adrenaline helps!)
  • good diet ( sugar and Omega-3 fats)
  • enough rest!

Item no.6

after the exams, i'll not only update my blog, but i'll ungrade it! i'm gonna either edit the template of this blog, or get a new skin for this blog. plus, i'll add in more links, and cool stuff into this blog. and i'll try my best to standardize my entries. so, stay tuned!~

Love & Peace!~


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efferstine said...

all the best for your exams..prayin for ya! :)