Friday, April 29, 2005

The Rojak Series #4

i'm feeling really lethagic now. however, a plate of nasi goreng daging and half an hour of Arrested Development can do the job of keeping me awake...! who am i kidding?! i need to sleep!

anyway, this TRS is a summary of the week:

Item no.1

my maid is gone from the house for good! while it's hectic for my family, at least this irritating-thorn-in-my-side is transported back to where she came from... wherever that IS! so now, my brothers and i have to take care of the house, by ourselves. but i don't mind getting another maid, just not this one!

Item no.2

my exams' over!
oh... i did mention this before, didn't i?

Item no.3

watched THE PACIFIER just now. it was ok lah. a combination of wanting to celebrate me completing my last paper and an urge for a good laugh amde this movie watchable. and i manage to keep myself awake through the whole show. a little predictable, but it's ok lah....

and nobody (except the father, which WAS the reason of the movie) died! what do you expect from a Disney movie?

Item no.4

LATTE@8 had it's last show for the season yesterday! and i was there! i was inside STARBUCKS, and was wearing the orange Youth Alive Malaysia t-shirt with my black bandana. if you did see someone in orange near the stage where Jason interviewed weekly guests, that was me. but the drawback was i barely got to hear what was going on.

Aaron and i removed ourselves from that place just in time to catch POP SHUVIT and LOVE ME BUTCH perform. they rock! and how the series ended for the season was indeed interesting! wished i took a photo with Marion then. *sigh* but there'll still be next time. and next time, we'll be there early.

Item no.5

my back really hurts, and i need to sleep. got to go to work tomorrow. and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is a really good series! go watch it! and good night.

Love & Peace!~



oliver said...

satisfied appearing in in the world you cannot get to sit inside? you came to my house at 7.45 and still did not able to go there in time? anyway pop shuvit did a good job but love me comment..........anyway don't know what to write already so i stopped here.

efferstine said...

hahahah hey bernard. love me butch and pop shuvit performed in my campus last year during the sports fest (the one i won bronze for chess. MUAHAHA. uh. haha. excuse me for that haha) and u noe wut, nobody applaused at their performance. was a flop..sorry dude.

BlurChu? said...


who wouldn't be happy to appear on TV? and my friend and i went places first before that, Oliver! anyway, note to self: must be there much, much earlier and take a photo with Marion!

plus, POP SHUVIT rocks! and they rocked Japan recently too! i guess they improved? "Old Skool Rocker" is good indeed!~