Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Rojak Series #1.

funny title? i like it!~

the reason for coming up with such title is because i'll compile a few thoughts i want to say into a post. and it's a mixture of interesting-wacky-melancholy-funny-informative-nonsencial-etc. thoughts. and here goes The Rojak Series (TRJ) #1:

ITEM no.1

i'm done with my oral presentation for Intro to Chinese Language. the conversation part wasn't really good, but i tried my best. at least i got to impress Ms. Chin (and my friends) with my rendition of Wang Lee Hom's Wei Yi. i manage ot pull it off nicely, didn't i?

as i'm a Chinese, i think i should learn not only Mandarin, but Hokkien and Cantonese as well. i should be proud of who i am (though, i wan't ashamed being a "banana" in the first place.) my friend Pek Mei said that it's good to learn up many languages as we're studying in the field of Mass Communication, and it'll definately be a upper-hand for us in the future.

i want to learn, and improve myself!

ITEM no. 2

since the oral presentation (refer above) is my last assignment/test, i should start focusing on the Finals. my first paper falls on the 19th this month.

ITEM no.3

my long-time friend, Ivan Goh, who's currently studying in New Zealand, sent me a very interesting article regarding blogging about your boss. click HERE for details.

how are you, Ivan! nice of you to drop by here. hope to chat with you soon, and take care, ok?

ITEM no.4

i've 2 more classes in the next two days. and i think of watching a movie tomorrow after class, at around 11.00 am at Mid-Valley Megamall. although finals are approaching, i feel the urge of catching a movie, since the last one i watched was CONSTANTINE. i've missed out on many good movies! *argh*

i might catch SEPET. what say you?

Love & Peace!~


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acy&baw said...

hey..count me in..i'm so bored at home..think i'm gonna go nuts..i mean da catch a movie thing..Sepet shud be nice..oh good luck for ur i'll leave u til ur finals are over..take care