Tuesday, April 26, 2005

of cleanliness and hair nose.

check this ARTICLE out.

hmm... since yesterday, i heard about almost everything about being clean... from the newspaper to the radio to the TV. not only appearence is important, but being clean IS important as well. i guess the ladies are nodding their heads as i typed that.

interesting information about me when i was young; i wasn't very fond of cleaning myself when i was in primary school. i was sticky and would just bathe once a day, and i had to force myself to clean up. but all has changed!

as they say, cleaninness is next to godliness. i make sure i'm clean before and after i get out of my house, after i eat, before i eat, etc. hmm... but hair sticking out of my ears or nose isn't a problem i face. in fact, i don't have any friends with those symptoms. have you have friends with long nose or ear hair?

PS i'm almost done with my exams. four down, two more papers to go, and after that, i'll be set free... for a moment. then, will i be free to do more stuff. worry not, Joanne Soo. i'll reply your e-mail ASAP!

Love & Peace!~


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