Tuesday, April 26, 2005

he's here, indeed!

who is?

well, it's Andrew "The Accidental Idol" Tan, who entered Malaysia Idol, of course!

it's been awhile since i heard about him being in UTAR. but everytime i visit the other faculty, FICT at PD block, i can't seem to locate him... till yesterday. just before i left the block with Aaron, i saw him from a far studying with his friends.

and just as i thought that it was a myth, he just appeared sitting and revising! hahaha!~

well, let's hope he can come for CF meetings in the future, though my faculty, isn't near his. can you imagine, the FAS and FICT faculty is located about 20 minutes walk apart from each other? *sigh*

so, what my friends have been telling me was the truth all this while. i'm just subborn headed.

the next audition for Malaysia Idol is coming up. do you have what it takes to be, the NEXT MALAYSIA IDOL?

Love & Peace!~


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