Thursday, March 24, 2005

*yawn* have you called your friends lately?

i've received a call from one of my close buddies, Justin today. and i'm really, really happy. and why am i?

well, it's been more than a month since he left for Australia to further his studies. more info HERE. and he called me this afternoon. and i'm really happy to talk to my friend, as we talk for more than half an hour about how we are now. well, then something got me thinking: i rarely contact my friend.

it's weird, but i'm not a person who normally go to the phone, and calling up people just to say "hi." almost every call i make is to ask or to tell something of importance. i think i'm not a phone chatter. do you think it's weird for a social butterfly like me not to chit-chat on the phone?

my modus operandi is face-to-face chatting, e-mailing, SMS and at times using MSN Messenger. why? i have no idea. probably is because of the fact i prefer words to voice, and i do find writings from one to be as personal as a phone call gets. i can talk and talk for hours at mamak, but not over the phone.

i've a lot of friends that i have not contact in years! how about you guys? i might pick up the phone, and call them... ONE DAY.

by the way, sleep deprivation can make you moody. read HERE. and i'm going to post an entry about HANDPHONES! stay tuned!

Love & Peace!~



U-Liang said...

Me too...I prefer face to face conversations..and I hardly even use the phone to chit chat.

acy&baw said...

hahaha....i always call my frens to chit chat...esp think gals like chatting on the phone??


efferstine said...


BlurChu? said...


i guess, it's better to talk to a friend, regardless of methods of communications, then not to contact at all, eh?

and me will write the HANDPHONE thingy next!


Justin said...

Eh Bernard, I thought I post one or two messages to prove that I actually visit your blog. Lol. Well, for a start I feel guys in general don't call people to chit chat. The only person they'll call is the girl their interested in. This has something to do with guys being more task orientated and girls being more relationship orientated.


Justin said...
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BlurChu? said...


i know you visit my blog lah, Justin! thanks a lot, and worry not, ok?

and interesting insight there.