Wednesday, March 02, 2005

pathetic radio = unrhapsody me.

a few days ago, something dastardly happened: my radio broke down.

well, not exactly broke down, just that the CD part is malfuctioning. i can't play any CDs now. that means no lullabies to cradle me to sleep. and most of my Christian music is on CDs!*sigh*

however, thank goodness there a bunch of Christian cassettes at home! praise the Lord! now, i can still listen to cool music in my room, and not always turn on to Radio 4.

i should get a new CD player.

NARUTO: GREATEST HITS, the new CD that i wanna hear on my oh-not-so-reliable-now radio

DC Talk: Intermission, one of the many cassettes i have at home.

Love & Peace!~


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