Wednesday, March 09, 2005

HA! see that?

have you seen that advertisement on TV?

let me give you a brief summary about it.
it basically shows this selfish guy, sitting down in a crowded PUTRA LRT and putting his baggages on the seat next to him. then, came an old lady, followed by a pregnant mother, and later a blind man. he acted like what most of us will do: reserving the seat for himself, and when the ones who needs it most comes along, pretends to sleep. and when he drops one of his boxes, the blind guy picked it up for him, and he was stared on with disbelief and possibly digust be others. and he was indeed embarassed!

yeah, that advertisement. watched it before?

it was directed by Yasmin Ahmad, for the Kempen Budi Bahasa dan Nilai-Nilai Murni under the Art, Culture and Herritage Ministry. the review about that ad was in THE STAR newspaper yesterday, 8th March 2005, in StarTwo, Pg 19 (written by Melody L. Goh). check it out!

i give this ad and the ones for the "Tak Nak" Campaign two thumbs up!

Love & Peace!~


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