Saturday, March 26, 2005

'Happy' Good Friday?

yesterday was Good Friday. apparently, it's celebrated on the last Friday of March every year. and Aaron and i sort of had a short discussion before i went off to Ampang with Ignatius for Home Group.

"should we wish people HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY?" asked Aaron.
"hmm... i'm not sure," i replied. "but i don't think it's appropriate to call it like that."
"oh, i've told a lot of my friends that lah," said Aaron.
"ah, it's ok lah. anyway, err... Good Friday to you?" i told him.
"Good Friday to you too," he went zooming off.

well, at Home Group yesterday, i shared something regarding this day. it went something like this:

"do we wish people Happy Good Friday...? anyway, what makes Good Friday significant? if you remember when our Agong passed away about 3 years ago, it was announced a national holiday, for us to mourn for his death (and to enjoy a day off for others.) but let's see, when figureheads of other religion died, people mourned too. when Nabi Muhammad went off, followers and family members mourned, probably many, many weeks. and the same thing happened when Gautama Buddha left his own group of people. but do you see followers of them celebrating their death now?

so, i guess what sets us, Christians from the others in celebrating the death of Jesus Christ, was the fact that He rose from the dead. he walked again on Easter. a sinless man, how died for our sins, we who aren't worthy for his love and grace, conquered death. amazing, eh?"

and the fact that Christ rose again, is the foundation of our faith.

anyway, HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY (though today's Saturday) and have a WONDERFUL EASTER tomorrow. GOD BLESS!~

Love & Peace!~


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U-Liang said...

Happy Good Friday Blurchu!!

We celebrate the death of Jesus indeed, because of what his death accomplished on the cross. No matter how dark it was, it was the time where he defeated sin. That's why it's so significant for all of us.

Am looking forward to Easter too.. :)