Monday, March 21, 2005

unearthly hours of the day.

well, i'm up till this time of the day, despite having lots of stuff to do, and feeling a little fatigue. i had lots of laughter, jokes and drinks with Aaron and Lai Seng. you basically wouldn't know a lot about someone till you talk to them! but nonetheless, i'll try my best to get some things done. i believe most of the youth these days are awake in the unearthly hours of the day, and yawning in classes. i think i've mention something like this HERE.

i've got class later, and i'm determine to enter in class time EARLY! plus, Nic, Lily and i have got to discuss our assignment later! we're doing a talk about "Metrosexual and the comparison to Straight and Dandy Man." can anyone help us, please?

I've got it recently: Kingston 256 MB USB Flash Drive. convinience at the tip of your finger!

Love & Peace!~


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efferstine said...

That's the exact thumbdrive my cousin has!