Thursday, March 17, 2005

i've got the CD!



as i'm typing this entry, i'm listening to the CD above! after many weeks of searching, and re-searching, i've finally got it! i purchased it the moment i saw it on one of the shelves in S&M, and it was worth the purchased! i'm blissful. to Justin in Australia, read this:

"i've got the CD! yeah!~"

anyway, i've been quite busy this week, and this is my first entry for the week. well, i've been blessed in a few ways lah this week, that makes me wanna jump and shout, "Praise the LORD!"

i'm done with my Culture & Religion Studies presentation, which... i'm done with lah! teaming up with Mei and Alex was great lah. i would want to work with them in future assignments, provided we get it done ASAP!

besides that, CF this week was great, as we had the gang from FAM/Sg Long CF here, and we had a great time of knowing people, prayer, games and MAKAN! and the Recruitment Drive couldn't pull my spirit down with them around!

plus, i'm recovering from my "assignment-lag" as i didn't sleep the whole night two nights ago., can't believe i slept through CSI last night. but i'm recovering. and i need to spend my time wisely to get all my assignments, presentation, revisions and other important tasks done.

plus, if you've read the letters in THE STAR yesterday, you've noticed what was posted there. yes, it was written by me, Bernard "BlurChu?" Cheah. must they put my NAME there, while i rebuke that letter? *sigh* here i go, becoming more and more infamous!

and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST is awesome. not only is this soundtrack wicked, the anime is awesome too! one of the reason i love it is because even the protagonist hates being short! hahaha!~

PS i've posted the pictures for one of my entries, HERE. it has group pictures taken with Ken Ming, and another with Justin! check it out!

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...

I read your letter in the Star. The sentiments it contained seemed so noble and so strong that I was moved to find out more about the author.

I was then not surprised to find that you would have what is termed today as a 'blog' on the Internet. However, upon reading it, I was sorely disappointed.

Young Man, I must seriously question your Christian background, as it would appear that this letter was written purely to gain fame, or in your case, infamy.

Was there any sincerity in this venture? It is disheartening to note such hypocrisy in the Youth of today.

It is hoped you will mend your ways in the future. The Lord loves a repentant sinner. Jesus accepts and saves us all.

Pastor James.

Anonymous said...

Erm, pastor dude, maybe you should read his comments again before calling him a sinner hypocrite etc.

He did not say he wrote the article just to be famous. Quite the opposite, actually.

I'd say an apology is in order.

~Someone who knows BC better than you do~

BlurChu? said...

hey, Pastor James!

thanks for reading my article, and dropping down here.

i would like to point out that i'm an avid reader of Youth2, and really enjoy writing. and the reply to the letter was what i think was from my heart. and i was not doing it for fame, just telling her (the writer) and others bout my stand. however, my name was stated there without my consent.

and i'm trying my best to follow Jesus, and be humble enough, as i know, lots of eyes are on Christian, no matter where you are, right? and writing for fame isn't my goal.

i would appreciate if you (would want to) send an e-mail to me. thanks for the constructive critisism. my e-mail address is in my profile.

and thanks anonymous, for trying to defend me.


Anonymous said...

Young Man,

I admire your courage in admitting what you have done. Humility is indeed a prerequisite in walking the ways of the Lord. However, I do take exception to anonymous' remarks and mode of addressing myself as 'pastor dude' as this is most unbecoming in a youth. He has also misconstrued entirely the tenor of my remarks.

I was merely seeking to express my shock and disappointment at what I perceived to be a hypocritical stance.

Young Man, you have successfully vindicated yourself. I apologise for the initial harshness of my words. One cannot hope to teach an old dog new tricks as I will turn sixty-nine soon. Indeed, I am indebted to my niece for her patience in teaching me to use this new-fangled machine. She obligingly helped an old man who had only heard vaguely of the Internet before this.

It is most unfortunate, but I do not have an 'e-mail address' as you have mentioned earlier.

Nevertheless, I shall always pray for you to retain your purity of heart in serving Jesus Christ and to remember always that as Christians, we are called to be the salt and light of the Earth.

Pastor James.

BlurChu? said...

well, as they say, "with age comes wisdom." i accept your apology, and i also would like to apologise on behalf of 'my friend' (who i think i can identify.) i guess he was trying to brigde the age-gap? hahaha!~

again, thanks for visiting this blog, and i'll try my best to shine for Jesus in my daily walk with Him, among my peers.

God bless, Pastor James.