Thursday, February 17, 2005

man don't cry: they bottle up.

when this article has nothing to do with dandy man or the after effects of cutting bulbs of onions. it's just about me.

today, Ken Ming left Malaysia for Melbourne to further his studies. and the last time i saw him was last week, when he invited Enoch, Letchumanan and i to his humble, little house for Chinese New Year. it was great to meet up with ex-school/classmates after a long, long time. it was great. Ken Ming maybe annoying and loud at times, but he really knows his stuff, and knows how to entertain people.

it seems like people are going their own ways. from being in school, to going into colleges and universities doing different courses. maybe they're doing much better than i? i'm not doing too good, am i?

speaking about leaving, my close buddy, Justin Yap, has left for Adelaide, Australia last night (Wednesday.) quite a number of us were there. from our church, his family, Megan's dad, Uncle Glenn and family, Kevin and Ian, Pastor Lisa, Sis Yoon Foen and Shawn, and myself. his band members, Judson, Enoch and Jason Tong. and friends from HELP, Sharon, Melissa Chew and Stephen. and the people who were there to send him off weren't five girls to two guys, as predicted. (still, Justin has a group of groupies!)

when he went off to the gate, he was at the wrong gate (?), and everyone keeps shouting at him to get into the other gate. another group of friends sending some other fellow of sang a song for her. we aren't as organized and more touchy as those girls were.

Justin. i got to know him when i just entered Revival Centre, and both he and Kevan are the friends i know from my childhood, and we are close. and we grow up together. we were closer since i was in the youth. and Justin and i were closer, but the three of us were together most of the time. i would share my problems, dreams, interest and many insignificant information with him, and likewise. good time and sad time, laughter and tears were shared together. and now, he's gone to another place.

it would be another one and a half years when he'll return. i'm missing him. every bald guy i see reminds me of him. i'm feeling really, really down.

i don't cry. was near that level. i bottled up.

taken in Ken Ming's house during Chinese New Year. (from left): Letchumanan, Ken Ming, Enoch and i.
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taken at the Burger King, KLIA, before depature. (from left): Justin, Sharon, Melissa, Stephen (can you SEE him?!), Kevan and me.
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most of the crazy, sending off team.
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bloppers! this is what happens when you take a photo when everyone's unprepared, and don't take another photo.
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Love & Peace!~



MĠN said...

bernard, I think y'know that I love reading... And I read this somewhere a long time off.

"People who cry are MUCH stronger than those who keep their emotions to themsleves."

Being a guy doesn't mean u gotta "tough up" or watevr. & I thought that u were the one who didn't care about what others think of u.

BlurChu? said...

hmm... interesting quotation there, Megan!

and yes, i really don't care what people will say. but i chose not to cry at that time. i feel like crying anytime now....


acy&baw said...

hey there,
well i agree wit megan(whoever he is)..there is definitely nothing wrong wit guys's better to let it out..sop did u feel any better after u do..actually ur eyes will fill kinda swollen and sore but u'll fell ur heart kinda lighten up rite?haha..i cry much to often.anyway..there's lots of ways to keep in touch wit justin..ur da 1 who told me that to keep a frenship u'd need to make an chat wit him on9,if u12 hear his voice,i guess it's ok to make a longdistance phonecall once in a while rite?u'll get use to it.take care

BlurChu? said...

thanks for the advise. and i agree... there's nothing wrong about guys crying. it's a misconception that crying guys are sissy. by the way, me still keeping in touch with Justin now.

and FYI, Megan is a girl!


w.kwong said...


who is justin yap?

you forgotten that i am in adelaide?
haha... i'll see where i can search for him. maybe he is already attending OCF.