Sunday, February 06, 2005

CAT-astrophe: the continuation.

Clavin and Hobbes. it seems that the only picture of a cute cat i have around in my computer. (i consider Hobbes the tiger to be part of the cat family. DEAL WITH IT!) Posted by Hello

i bet many of you out there would wanna know what happened to that poor little kitten later, eh? so, let me continue to tell a tale of what was the fate of this young kitty!

after i left it out there, i went upstairs, told Ernest what i've done to the cat, and took a shower. boy, was it a long day for me. as i went downstairs again, i was curious to see what has happened to this kitten. curiousity got the better off me (as they say, curiousity kills the cat. thank goodness i'm NOT ONE!) and to my suprise, it was still up on the pillar.

out of sympathy, i took it off that high spot, and brought it into the house. it was against what my brother wanted, but please don't tell him that, ok? so, i played with the kitten a little. from putting socks around it and teasing it, till feeding it and letting it sleep. i was there witnessing the little rascal putting up a show in my living room. i felt relaxed watching it.

after that, i realised, all this poor little creature wanted was to find a nice warm place to rest. as noturnal as it is, it also wanted to rest. so, i put the feline outside, and it finally slept comfortably in between some rags near my bicycle. and so can i have my rest on my fluffy bed too.

the next morning, my maid wasn't that please with it being around the house. hmm... this reminds me of how much i don't want her here as well!

* to all feline lovers, i didn't not harm the kitten in anyway. i may not know where it is, but it ain't meowing in front of my porch these days!

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...

hey thats so can you do that to the poor kitten.... heheh kidding lar.
erm actually you've already done your best to take care of the kitten for a while lor...then can't blame you much.

BlurChu? said...

yeah... at least i tried my best. i have no regrets! but it's cute!