Saturday, February 05, 2005

what a way to go!

TWO celebrations in a day, and all this happened yesterday....

the class of JR One (Jan 2005) celebarted one of our classmate, Wing Hooi's birthday yesterday. so, we planned a surprised for him. our class rep, Chin Han, called all of us together at the cafeteria. as we all gathered there 12:30 pm sharp, we made a "disappointing announcement"; he was going to quit his pose, and pass it our to our classmate, Nicholette.

it was tensed, as Wing Hooi was wondering what the heck was going on. so, we had to play along spontaneously. I-Ling acted furious to get away from the table, Chin Han thought of why he wanted to quit, etc. moments before the cake arrived, i gave a "serious speeching," saying what we are to do in this "situation." then the cake appeared, and Wing Hooi was indeed surprised!

hmmm... we should switch from Journalism to Drama Class! hahaha!~

also, after Combined Youth meeting in church, we had a celebration of our own; Ivan and Justin's farewell.

on that night, we had Pastor Caleb (can't remember which church he's from....) over, as he talked about "Hand Over," with his talk refering to the book of Joshua Chapter 14... he talked about Caleb (err... not himself, but the one in the Bible!) being one of the spies, entering into the Promise Land, and wants to claim it. plus, he was 85 years old, and still has the strength to want to claim it! all this, with him handing his life to God. are you willing to hand your LIFE to Him?

anyway, after that, we had Pot Bless, as each of us brought something to contribute to the pile of food there. surprisingly, there were a lot of roti canai and chicken nuggets left, and no fruits or veggies there... weird, eh?

and after that, we prepared a surprised for both these two leaving youths. NO, not the wallets and brieves they received (no idea who gave each of them a B.U.M. brief though.) but we had eggs, flour, and coke. hmmm... these three ingredients and youths don't make a good combonation.

Justin tried to frantically escape, with resistence is futile. i felt sympathtic as i see Justin being attacked and decorated with flour and eggs. as a friend, i approached him, asking him how he was, and threw some flour into his eyes. he attacked me, but wiping his egged-floured head all over my t-shirt. there goes the sympathic feeling. and like the others, crazily threw flour on each other, i was one of them.

from a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the totally covered with flour and what so, i was at 3.5, with flour on my t-shirt, and some on my head. Justin was at 9. and Ivan was at 7.5. while John Reuben and Shawn were at 8, Jeremy was given a full treatment, till he was at 8.

as Rowen drove the car, and Ernest a little worried about me and my condition, we went back home. *phew* what a day!

eh, what's this white sticky stuff behind my ear?

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...

pastor caleb iz from metro tabernacle la.......

BlurChu? said...
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Anonymous said...

oh... Pastor Caleb's from Metro Tab? i see.

who are you anyway, sodapickles?