Friday, February 11, 2005

of cleaning, discovering and dumb acts!

once again, insommia has consumed me, left me sleepless for another night!

to cope with such situation, i've decided to clean up my room (something i have been itching to do since last year!) with my desk being moved from it original position, it gave me another reason to clear up my room.

FYI, i did not clear up the whole room, just part of it. i cleared up the documents and paper that were accumulating on my desk, and also arranged my CD rack. and you'll be surprised to find lots of stuff that i thought disappeared into the black hole. and stuff that i didn't know i had!

i found countless forms for different events that i thought vanished. i found some transparency sheets, that count have come in handy for my presentation last week. i found lots of trash that initially had some value. but what's of no value is no different from trash.

after almost two hours, the room looked neater than it was before. and i arranged my CDs. it seems that i have more Christian albums than Japanese Anime Soundtracks. and i only had 4 pirated circular CDs. (i've learnt! i ain't going to buy pirated albums no more!) and there were some CDs that belong to my friends. before blogging, i took the liberty to check out the content.

the CD was from Joshua to Silas, labelled:

"To: Silas Liew
CD Pic."

hmm... curiousity got the better of me, and i opened the file. in it, were picture files and video files. those look familiar. there were taken of Joshua's new digicam. and boy, was it hilarious! Silas made a lot of dumb comments and well... i can't say a lot, just that it's really, really wacky. basically, Joshua took photos and videos of what we do in Home Group meetings and at Mamak. so Silas, if you're reading this entry, PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR THE CD!

and as i look into the video, i find myself sounding really, really funny! do i sound funny?

i ponder that question, as i listen to Sonic Flood's album, SONICPRAISE.

Love & Peace!~



U-Liang said...

i think you mean 4 pirated secular (not circular) cd's :)

silas said...

Hey silas ere
I want the cd I do I do. Wat did I say in it neway?