Monday, February 21, 2005

the day Valentine owns.

today is the 21st of February. and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what last Monday was.

it wasn't such a significant day for me, except the fact that this year i was out whooping pieces of chicken at Hart's Chicken Buffet with Aaron, Enoch, and Hui Wen, skipped Culture Studies lecture and stayed up the whole night doing the CF newsletter!

i can remember what happened last year, on the same day. it was a working Saturday, and add in the fact that it was also the day that the LE TOUR DE LANGKAWI was passing through KL. by the time it was 12 pm, it turned out to be a horrendous combination that held up the traffic!

anyway, i've found this
link that explains about the history of Valentine's Day, who's this martyr called Saint Valentine, and why is this non-holiday event celebrated worldwide.

by the way, it's Valentine's Day, not like the oh-so-wrongly-pronounced "valentine day!" know your stuff before saying it!

this guy looks a little... loveless? it's St. Valentine.

the only Valentine i like is Vincent Valentine! his coolness and blurriness rocks!

Love & Peace!~


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