Thursday, February 17, 2005

offended by being offensive!

i have no idea what i'm repelling others today. i really have no idea.

let me give you an example. this morning before reaching my campus, there was a seat beside me in the bus. a girl came up the bus, but decided to stand, despite being told by the bus conducter to take a sit. another girl came out, and the history repeated itself.

in the toilet a few hours ago, as i entered pass the door, Wing Hooi immediately dashed from the basin to the urinal stand to take a leak. i was shocked. he avoided me.

why? i have no idea. maybe i'm repulsive? maybe i'm just sleepy.

*sigh* i really want to get some shut eyes.

and i can't find the FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST music CD.

Love & Peace!~



LynX said...

Wing Hooi also ignores me sometimes.... i think i ignore some peopl sometimes as well.

Its just normal human wierd behaviour.

U-Liang said...

hehe...just one of those days. Just think of it this way, you are emitting a powerful radiant aura that makes people fall away in reverent fear...

not making much sense am i :P

edwin said...

yeah, you too gaya mutu & keunggulan that's why they scared standing/sitting next to you will make them look bad mah

BlurChu? said...

hmmm... i don't think Wing Hooi is weird lah, but human behaviour is, Alex!

and it's either i look at it at the bright side (Edwin's POV) or the dark side (U-Liang's POV) of it. hahaha!~

reminds me of the hero's aura that you can activate/deactivate in Warcraft 3. i didn't turn mine off that day!