Monday, March 16, 2009

She would be 52 today.

On the way back here to the island, i was reminiscing as i was going across the bridge to the island from my hometown.

I do miss my family and friends.

Yes, I'm saying it again, as this is the price i pay to be here.

But let me reiterate this, despite how i feel, KL has been doing fine without me. And by the looks of it, i'm not really needed there.

But here on the island, i've got a job to do. I've got responsibilities to carry out, and person(s) who need me here.

I'm just speaking my mind out. Care to prove me wrong?

Love & Peace!~



Shannon said...


i guess your dad might not need u now... but he sure will in the future...

i know how u feel... JB has been doing fine without me too.. hahaha


BlurChu? said...

Hey, Shannon.

Yeah, i'm aware of that. And i pray that i'll be ready when that time comes.

I guess you're heart is where you're treasure is lah, right?