Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cowboy Town, here i come!~

Google Map is one of the best things that ever came into my life! Even my boss agrees, and uses it diligently!

Well, for the past few days, i was away from the island for an assignment. I was placed in the 'cowboy town'.

Yes, the town with 15 candidates vying to get the state seat here! Many of us are currently here to cover their events, press conference, walkabout, etc as the polling day for the by-election draws closer.

It's like 15 kids playing the musical chair. I really wonder how things would go like.

Will anyone of the candidates pullout from the race? The EC said they are given until tomorrow to withdraw and still get back some of their deposits.

The new Umno deputy president said that the by-elections going on it's not a referendum on the new leadership in the party, while PKR said all's good - it's just a fight between PR and BN, which they will win.

I think if any of the 13 candidates win this, it would be an interest result. But all eyes are set at the parliamentary seat in Perak. Hmmm... will Nizar win? I've leave that to the Perak people to decide.

Vote for change!

And tomorrow will be another long day for me in this 'Cowboy Town'. Yeah.

Love & Peace!~


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