Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Makan well!

Beginning of this week, a lady from a health screening centre showed up at the office to provide free blood pressure and urine test. (Since it's free!) several of my colleagues and i, took the test.

From the results of the test, i found out that i'm a slightly above the pulse per min rate (i think i was rushing for my assignment, hence the elevated heart-rate) and needed to reduce my protein intake and drink more water.

I need to improve my diet.

Yesterday, several colleagues of mine from KL were here in the island for some presentation of our company to several current and potential clients. And several of them commented that i need to lose weight, not to mention Melissa D said this same thing (again).

I need to improve my diet and lose weight.

But on a lighter note, both Melissa D and i had good dinner with Joash and Su Chen last weekend, and we had fun chatting over half-homemade dinner. It was four hours of quality time well spent!

I wish we could have dinner sessions again with them before they leave for KL... and also with other friends of us.

I need to improve my diet, lose weight and hang out with more people!

Well, there're a lot of things to do in life, and i'm taking it one day at at time.

P/S Marley and Me is a good movie. A touching tear-jerker!

Love & Peace!~


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