Friday, March 27, 2009

Bowling with fun!

Melissa D and i were out bowling with the rest of the Courage and Passion cell group members as well as several friends of theirs.

Being rusty for not bowling for awhile, it was fun getting a strike and a couple of spares in the two games. My girl really had a ball and competitive as we were all playing in several lanes in Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex.

She did scored better than i did, but i was glad she did have a great time.

Looks like we might be going out for more bowling matches in the near future!~

Love & Peace!~



Liagiba-Abigail said...

hey..tell me when you going for bowling in bj's very near my hse nia...

BlurChu? said...

Will do, Abigail!~

Hope all's well with you!~