Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can you send me to the bank?

As i was making my way out of work just now, i was approached by an elderly woman, who tapped my car door window.

She asked for a lift to the nearest bus-stop, as she needed to go to the bank and cash in some money.

"I don't look like someone who would rob you, right?" she asked. And i was trying to remember if there was any stories of a young man being overpowered by an senior citizen and was robbed off his pants.

So, cautiously, with a open heart, i decided to let the lady in.

Since she needed to get to a bus-stop to get on a bus to the bank, i offered to drive her there instead of waiting a bus. She was more than delighted to get a lift for me.

Long story short, we chatted as we made our way to Standard Chartered bank in Beach Street, and i dropped her off there.

I felt light-hearted and good. I guess being kind in a world where it's every man for himself and dog-eat-dog, stopping for awhile and helping those who are in need is good for the soul. It's banking goodness to your conscience.

Love & Peace!~


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