Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To Buy or Not to Buy

If you haven't got bitten by the bug, you wouldn't know that it's handphone-changing season here on the island. Or at least it is for my colleagues and friends working in the same line of work. Or perhaps it's just pure coincidence?

Whatever it is, i'm keen on getting a new phone, aside from it being too old and cranky, i really like this new phone. When i fist lay eyes on the handset, i immediately wanted it!

It's the Sony Ericsson W380, a clamshell-Walkman phone.

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For more information or review on this handphone, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

This phone caught my eye when i was browsing through the handphone shops. I feel in love with it is for its stylish shape, its metallic feel and the functions as a mobile MP3 player and has a decent camera latched to it. And i'm aiming for the metallic blue one, not the psychedelic purple. The former has a more executive look.

Yes, it may not be a non-3G mobile phone, but let's be frank; how many people here really utilises all the 3G functions? I only know a handful of people who uses it to communicate with their love ones. But other than that, it's merely a status symbol. Period.

It's costs about RM750... and i plan to upgrade the memory from the default 512Mb to 2Gbs! I'm planning to get my hands on it either this week or next. Just counting down the days till it finally becomes mine!

So, what say you?

Love & Peace!~



kt said...

oi!! i do use my 3G. not juz for video-calling but only 3G phones work in countries like Japan and Korea. So it has its usefulness :p

i also juz bought a new sony ericsson phone. pretty good! :) got it from d maxis promo, much cheaper than the phone's retail price. u should check it out.

BlurChu? said...

Yes... Yee Huey. You're one of those who falls in the category of "a handful of people who uses it to communicate with their love ones".

And i don't see myself traveling overseas anytime soon. And me not using Maxis. Anyway, what mobile phone is that?


kt said...

me bought d sony ericsson K770i. pretty good leh... pretty and slim. got 3G and 3.2M camera. good 4 candid shots for blogging! ;p

BlurChu? said...

Oh... me got to look at that mobile phone. Looks interesting lah.

But me into flip phones. And i just got it. And me loving it!